Washford Memorial Hall


Message from the Chair:

"We have a great facility in the heart of our village; we want this Hall to be at the centre of what is going on, a resource available to all and an asset in the village.
Built after the Great War and as a Memorial to all who served we have a duty to make this hall fit for future generations. As a committee with limited resources we are always looking for local residents who can volunteer to help from time to time.

You may be a painter, electrician, carpenter, seamstress, gardener, great at applying for grants or just want to help; get in touch today!

If you have any ideas in making our Hall great we want to hear from you; already on our wish list is:
A tarmac car park with marked bays, a new ceiling and insulation, solar panels and a heat exchange system, refurbished stage and stage lights - the list goes on......
Do you know anybody who can help? Get in touch today."

Dan Searle.

The Washford Memorial Hall Committee

Chairman Dan Searle 641171 07796433472
Vice Chairman Martyn Lintern
Secretary Mel Hoffman
Treasurer Sue Davey
Bookings Judith Searle 07580642341 (Text any time)
Marketing Director Paul Meagher
Village Representatives Sarah King
Chris Ryan
Cheryl Ryan
Parish Rep. Ruth Conley

To Hire Please Call


(Between 6pm - 8pm or text anytime)

Email via the contacts page.

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